Quiz: Only A True "When Harry Met Sally" Fan Can Ace This Test. Can You?


CAN men and women just be friends?

How well do you know When Harry Met Sally? Are you a big fan of Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal, or Nora Ephron?

 Feb 26, 2017
1 of 10Where do Harry and Sally graduate from?
ohio state
University of Illinois
Illinois State University
University of Chicago
2 of 10Where do Harry and Sally move to?
home, culture, pop culture
New York City
3 of 10What is the main question of the movie?
When Harry Met Sally, movies/tv
Where is the best place to find love?
What makes you happiest in life?
Can men and women ever just be friends?
4 of 10How do Harry and Sally cross paths the first time?
When Harry Met Sally, movies/tv
They got in a fender-bender
They were neighbors
They were on the same flight
5 of 10How do Harry and Sally meet up the second time?
When Harry Met Sally, movies/tv
They run into each other at the DMV
They run into each other at the bookstore
They run into each other at the supermarket
6 of 10What is the name of the diner where Harry and Sally discuss faking orgasms?
2nd Ave Deli
Mile End Deli
Katz's Deli
7 of 10What does an elderly patron say after Sally fakes an orgasm?
When Harry Met Sally
Columbia Pictures
Those were the days
Get a room
I'll have what she's having
8 of 10What are the names of Harry and Sally's best friends who get married?
When Harry Met Sally, movies/tv
Scott and Debra
Marie and Jess
Eric and Louise
9 of 10Why did Sally and Joe break up?
When Harry Met Sally
Columbia Pictures
She wanted a family and he didn't want to get married
He cheated on her
He was gay
10 of 10What holiday is being celebrated at the end of the movie?
When Harry Met Sally, movies/tv
Valentine's Day
New Year's Eve
Cinco de Mayo
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