Quiz: 80s Kids Can Pass This Jurassic Park Trivia Test. Can You?

Jurassic Park

A quiz 65 million years in the making.

A quiz on trivia from the 1993 film "Jurassic Park" including questions on what types of dinosaurs are in the film as well as how they are cloned.

 May 21, 2017
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Where is Jurassic Park located?
a Costa Rican island
south Florida
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At the beginning of the film, a dinosaur handler is killed by what type of dinosaur?
a Triceratops
a Brachiosaurus
a Velocirpator
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How do they clone the dinosaurs?
by using dinosaur DNA from mosquitos preserved in amber
by mutating DNA from modern day lizards
by 3D printing google images of dinosaurs
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All the dinosaurs in the park are what gender?
they don't have a gender
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Why is the tour of Jurassic Park cut short?
it's a holiday weekend
a dinosaur attacks the tour group
a tropical storm
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Dennis Nedry disguises the canister of dinosaur embryos as what?
a can of shaving cream
a shampoo bottle
a can of coffee grounds
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What type of dinosaur do Grant, Tim, and Lex befriend while staying in a tree?
a Parasaurolophus
a Gallimimus
a Brachiosaurus
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Why are the dinosaurs able to breed?
their frog DNA
someone accidentally cloned one male dinosaur
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Where are Tim and Lex pursued by the raptors?
a TV room
a playground
an industrial kitchen
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Who saves Grant, Tim, Lex, and Sattler from the raptors?
the Tyrannosaurus
the ghost of the killed dinosaur handler
they save themselves
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