Quiz: Only A California Native Can Get 10/15 On This Word Association Quiz


Dank quiz bro.

Quiz on California slang only a native would know including the words roach coach, psyched, post up, stunnas, and dank.

 Oct 24, 2017

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a grouping of hay
to leave a place
a fine you pay to leave jail

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when someone gets upset over something small
when you fall down a flight of stairs
when you get a sunburn on your back

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come in clutch
when someone grabs something
when a purse comes in a smaller size
when someone unexpectedly has something that helps a situation

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post up
stand around
tape something to the wall
a post-it note

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a psychologist
excited for something
freaked out

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to be surprised
a taser

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to fly
to avoid someone
to pick up

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roach coach
a gross motel
an old apartment
a food truck

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swap meet
a sports tournament
a flea market
a foreign exchange program

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a weedwacker
to hit someone

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a homeless person
a butt
to borrow

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to take a leisurely drive
a large boat
a variety of drinks
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