Quiz: If You've Seen Pretty Woman A Million Times You Should Ace This Quiz

pretty woman
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A quiz so good you'll almost pee your pants!

Quiz on the classic film Pretty Woman including questions about Vivian's outfits, the plot, and background information on the characters.

 Oct 09, 2017

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What hotel does Edward stay at?
Hollywood Roosevelt
Regent Beverly Wilshire

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What bar does Vivian go to at the beginning of the movie?
Yellow Flamingo
Blue Banana
Orange Flame

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What is the name of Vivian's roommate?

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What does Vivian say to Edward when he asks what her name is?
"What do you want it to be?"
"What's your favorite?"
"Does it matter?"

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What does Edward take Vivian to see?
La Traviata
The Phantom of the Opera

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What song does Vivian sing in the bathtub?
Kiss - Prince
Wannabe - Spice Girls
Material Girl - Madonna

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What does Vivian eat when she's on her shopping spree?
finger sandwiches

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What is Vivian supposed to avoid during the stomping of the divots?
the steaming divot
the swarm of bees
the ex-girlfriends

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What is the name of Edward's lawyer?

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Where does Vivian go to finish high school?
New York
San Francisco

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Where does Vivian find Edward?
at the bar
running on a treadmill
playing a piano

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What color dress does Vivian wear at the polo match?
brown polka dots

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What is Edward's biggest fear?
falling in love

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What does the homeless man ask people on the street?
"What's your dream?"
"What are you looking at?"
"Do you have any change?"

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What does Vivian call snails?
slimey little boogers
smelly little stinkers
slippery little suckers
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