Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From Tulsa

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"Every now and then, good things happen in Oklahoma"

Trivia on Tulsa, Oklahoma including questions about the BOK Tower, weird laws, and movies based in Tulsa.

 Apr 09, 2017
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What cult classic film was based and filmed in Tulsa?
the Breakfast Club
the Outsiders
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What does "skeeter" mean?
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Which famous road's birthplace is Tulsa?
Route 1
Route 66
Blue Ridge Parkway
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Which famous country singer was born in Tulsa in 1962?
Trace Adkins
Sheryl Crow
Garth Brooks
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Tulsa has one of the nation's largest concentrations of what type of architecture?
Art Deco
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What is the name of Tulsa's world famous annual celebration?
Red Fern Festival
Linde Oktoberfest
Dogwood Days Festival
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What Tulsa high school teams were the center of the documentary "The Kings of the Mountain"?
Owasso and Augustine Christian
Jenks and Union
Bishop Kelley and Dove Science
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Tulsa is almost in the direct center of _______?
Tornado Alley
Hurricane Alley
the Bread Basket
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What does "fixin' to" mean?
making something
repairing something
about to do something
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What popular 90's boy band was founded in Tulsa?
New Kids on the Block
11 of 15True or false?
Tulsa is the largest city in Oklahoma.
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The Tulsa State Fair attracts how many people each year?
one million
five hundred thousand
one hundred thousand
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The city was once nicknamed "The ____ Capital of the World"
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Which of the following is NOT a Tulsa area code?
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Which river runs through Tulsa?
Oklahoma River
Arkansas River
Mississippi River
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