Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From Montana

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You better cowboy up!

A quiz on the state of Montana including questions on the state's nickname, animal population, and slang.

 Jul 04, 2017

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Miles City is known as the _______ Capitol.

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What was the 1st national park in the nation?
Grand Canyon National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Zion National Park

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In the lower 48 states, Montana has the largest population of this wild animal.
grizzly bear
pink salmon

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What is Montana's nickname?
the Golden State
the Silver State
the Treasure State

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How many Indian reservations are in Montana?

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The elk, deer, and antelope population outnumber what other population?
red ant

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Montana is the largest _______ state in the U.S.

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How many Canadian provinces does Montana border?

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What city is the Queen City of the Rockies?

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Which popular American daredevil is from Montana?
Evel Knievel
Jackie Chan
Harry Houdini

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What are you ordering when you order a Whiskey Ditch?
straight whiskey
whiskey sour
whiskey and water

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What is a bunny hugger?
a vegan
an animal rights activist
someone who moves from California to Montana

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What is a crick?
a cricket
a creek
pain in your neck

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What do Montanans call antelope?
flying deer
speed goats
giant bunnies

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If someone tells you to "cowboy up!" they mean...
Deal with it
Put on some leather chaps
Ride a horse
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