Quiz: Can You Get At Least A 7/15 On This Impossible History Test


Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

Quiz on world history including questions about the Magna Carta, Alexander Graham Bell, and Mesopotamia.

 Oct 17, 2017

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In what year did World War I begin?

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Where was John F. Kennedy assassinated?
Washington D.C.
New York City

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The Magna Carta inspired what US Document?
the Constitution
the Great Compromise
the Declaration of Independence

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What disease ravaged and killed 1/3 of Europe's population in the 14th century?
Bubonic Plague

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Which Roman Emperor built a massive wall across Northern Britain?
Julius Ceasar

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Who was the 1st western explorer to reach China?
Marco Polo
Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus

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Who patented the invention of the telephone?
Thomas Edison
Sir Isaac Newton
Alexander Graham Bell

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Which country held the first Olympic games?
United States

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What famous artist painted the Mona Lisa?
Leonardo da Vinci
Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh

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What novel did British author Jane Austen publish in 1813?
Jane Eyre
Great Expectations
Pride and Prejudice

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Who was the first woman to fly an airplane?
Valentina Tereshkova
Amelia Earhart
Danica Patrick

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The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are associated with which civilization?

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Who is known as the Father of Modern Medicine?
James Parkinson
Arthur Conan Doyle

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Which Central American civilization is known for its advanced calendar and knowledge of astronomy?

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Who said the famous words, "I have a dream"?
Rosa Parks
Malcom X
Martin Luther King Jr
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