Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Questions Every "Cape Fear" Fan Should Get?

Cape Fear

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Questions on the actors and plot of the 1991 film "Cape Fear" starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, and Jessica Lange.

 Apr 09, 2017
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True or False: The 1991 film is a remake.
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Who plays convicted rapist Max Cady?
Jack Nicholson
Harvey Keitel
Robert De Niro
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Why is Max Cady seeking revenge?
his defense lawyer buried evidence
his defense lawyer stole his wife
his defense lawyer took all of his money
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What is the name of Sam Bowden's wife?
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Who in the Bowden family is poisoned?
Danielle Bowden
the dog
Leigh Bowden
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Why does Cady attack Lori Davis?
she was a member of the jury during his trial
she might be having a love affair with Bowden
she's Bowden's sister
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Who does Cady impersonate at Danielle's school?
her drama teacher
a janitor
her algebra teacher
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How many men does Bowden hire to beat up Cady?
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Why does Cady take Bowden to court?
to charge him with theft
to charge him with obstructing justice
to file a restraining order
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Who does Cady kill in the Bowden house?
Private Investigator Kersek and the housekeeper
the housekeeper and gardener
Private Investigator Kersek and the gardener
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Where do the Bowden's keep their houseboat?
Cape Fear
Cape Hope
Cape Love
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Who does Cady prepare to rape on the houseboat?
Leigh and Danielle
Danielle and Lori
Leigh and Lori
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How does Cady catch on fire?
by lighting a cigar
struck by lightning
by cooking
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How does Bowden get the upper hand in the fight against Cady?
a thunderstorm rocks the boat
Cady relaxes for a moment
Cady slips on a puddle
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How does Cady die?
he's shot
he drowns
he's stabbed
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