Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions All Nevada Locals Should Know?


From Sin City to Virginia City, how well do you know the Silver State?

A quiz on the state of Nevada including questions about the haunted Virginia City, gold production, and shrimp consumption in Las Vegas.

 Jun 04, 2017
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Nevada has more ______ than any other state in the U.S.
mountain ranges
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Nevada is the top producer of which mineral?
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How is Nevada pronounced?
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Nevada's Highway 50 is also known as the _____ Highway in America.
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Area 51 is rumored to hold what kind of mysterious creatures?
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What is the abbreviation for Nevada?
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Where would you visit in Nevada for the most haunted ghost tour?
Virginia City
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The building of the Hoover Dam lead to the creation of what construction worker accessory?
the hard hat
steel toe boots
the work belt
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Nevada was named after what local mountain range?
Appalachian Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Sierra Nevada
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What two states does Lake Tahoe border?
Nevada and California
New Mexico and Texas
Nevada and Idaho
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What can visitors do at the Cal-Neva Lodge?
ski from Nevada into California
swim in two states at once
make s'mores
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Despite producing the most gold in the U.S., what is Nevada's state nickname?
the Turquoise State
the Silver State
the Iron State
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Las Vegas consumes 60,000 pounds of this seafood a day?
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