Quiz: Are You An Introvert, Extrovert, Realist, Or Idealist?


Is your head in the clouds? Or do you have your feet strongly planted on the ground? Take this quiz to find out!

Personality quiz asking questions to find out if the taker is a realist, idealist, extrovert, or introvert.

 Nov 01, 2017
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What are your thoughts on small talk?
I'd rather do anything else.
It's a nice way to get to know someone.
It's okay, I'd rather discuss more meaningful issues though.
I love small talk!
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You're the first of your friends at a party, what do you do?
text your friends and ask where they are
grab a drink and sit down
strike up a conversation with someone new
stand by the food table
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It's karaoke night, what are you doing?
going solo on the mic
join your friends group number
watching all your friends have fun
have your friends record you for your YouTube channel
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Do you like to be alone?
Yes, it gives me time to think about my future.
I HATE being alone.
It's nice after a long day of being surrounded by people.
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How do you spend your free time?
reading a book
working on my goals
spending time with friends
putting together my dream board
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How often do you think about the future?
I think about it when I'm writing in my journal.
Not very often.
I think about it only when I make big decisions.
I'm always thinking about the future.
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How would you describe yourself?
the life of the party
a dreamer
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You've finished a project but it is on a plain piece of paper, what do you do?
add some decoration to make it stand out
make another version and submit the better one
play with the font and text size
leave it be
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You're in a foreign country. Your friend orders something on the menu that you have no idea what it is. What do you do?
Have a bite and see if you like it
Eat the whole thing blindly
Look up the dish online and see if you'll like it.
Ask the waiter to surprise you with your whole meal
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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
an accountant
a news anchor
an actress
a scientist
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