Quiz: What's Your Decor Style?

Discover your decorating style...

what's your decorating style
 Mar 25, 2016
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Question: 1/10Choose one:

Which title best fits your home?
Little House on the Prairie
Hotel California
The Lake House
Animal House

Question: 2/10Choose one:

Which phrase describes your flooring?
Glistening wood
Buckling linoleum
Ceramic tile
Carpet with pet hair

Question: 3/10Choose one:

When you invite someone in, they see
open space
clean but messy
neat but dirty
no space

Question: 4/10Choose one:

When you think lighting, you envision
lots of lamps
contemporary chandeliers
track lighting

Question: 5/10Choose one:

You've heard of feng shui and use it
in your money corner, of course
in conversation only
throughout your house
for best furniture arrangement

Question: 6/10Choose one:

When decorating a new place, you
study paint chips until 2 a.m.
are done in 15 minutes
hang the pictures immediately
are painful to watch

Question: 7/10Choose one:

Bright colors play this role in your home:
cameo appearance
unseen crew member
principal character
supporting actor

Question: 8/10Choose one:

You think a sisal rug is
sized to fit your room
one size fits all
only for rich people
made from plant fiber

Question: 9/10Choose one:

Your favorite decorating colors are
bright like magenta
shades of white

Question: 10/10Choose one:

You're most likely to rearrange furniture
when you're bored
at the mall
when you buy something new
during a bad breakup
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