Quiz: What's Your Thinking Style?


Your answers will determine what TYPE of brain you have.

Take this quiz to see if we can determine which type of thinking style you have in your every day life.

 Mar 14, 2016
1 of 7Choose one:
When choosing a donut shop, you know you’re going to
grab a quick bite, that’s it
talk to other donut eaters
read all the reviews first
eat a sugarfree donut hole
2 of 7Choose one:
When your favorite song comes on the radio, you
feel it’s divine guidance
want to date the singer
take your ear plugs out
tell everyone to SHUT UP
3 of 7Choose one:
When you eat corn on the cob, your method is
none of our business
orderly and logical
a salt and butter orgy
random and unfocused
4 of 7Choose one:
While driving your car, you
wonder about tire treads
gesticulate to passengers
break the compass
add up the miles
5 of 7Choose one:
At the beach, you’re the one
finding beautiful shells
listening to Metallica
baking in the sun
swimming underwater
6 of 7Choose one:
When buying a new shed, you
change your mind
design a dream structure
tell everyone about it
renovate the old shed
7 of 7Choose one:
When you hold a yard sale, you
won’t let anything go
worry the night before
find the buyers interesting
drink too much coffee
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