Quiz: What Calypso Color Is Your Mojo?

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Discover your unique razzle-dazzle shade...

This quiz will show what happy color the quiz taker is in regard to looks, personality, style, and fragrance. The results are all great and sexy!

 Mar 19, 2017

1 of 11Choose one:

notes, notebook, jewelry, nail polish, writing, career
You wrote a book. Its title is
Lickety-Split Lemon Pies
Planting Purple Posies
Champagne Pink Decor
50 Shades of Turquoise

2 of 11Choose one:

Which lipsticks say sexy?
The dark reds
The earth tones
The shimmery pinks
The blacks and burgundies

3 of 11Choose one:

vokda, purple, alcohol, food & drinks
You order a drink. It's a
Caribbean Mist Cocktail
Lemon Wine Spritzer
Red Slush Punch
Sparkling Grape Juice

4 of 11Choose one:

elephant, color, animals
Why wear red to bed?
So my dog can find me
It makes a bold statement
it shows up on boring white sheets
It feels more romantic

5 of 11Choose one:

Your eye color resembles
amber gemstones
the tropical sea
sultry cinnamon
a misty grey sky

6 of 11Choose one:

You pick perfumes that are

7 of 11Choose one:

culture, woman, girl, hero, result, color, colors, smile
If a fire erupts, you
feed it
watch it burn
put it out
don't even notice

8 of 11Choose one:

fall, fashion, color, yellow
When dressing for a party, you
listen to music
reach for the black dress
try to show off skin
lay out the lacy underwear

9 of 11Choose one:

fashion, hat, boho, satin, jewelry, beads, woman, girl, dark hair
Great earrings can
match the passion inside
finish the fashion statement
tell others you're hot!
tell others who you are

10 of 11Choose one:

necklace, tribal, blonde, jewelry, lipstick, smile, happy, beauty, fashion, woman, girl
Your hairstyle
turns heads
enhances your good looks
is very chic
says you're unconventional

11 of 11Choose one:

beauty, girl, woman, flower, pink flower, nails, nail polish, rose, roses, earrings, rings, jewelry, choker, fashion, hero, result
What would you change, if you could?
I'm hot, who cares what I'm not?
I'm content and beautiful.
Nothing, this is as good as it gets!
Everything! Change is good.
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