Quiz: Are You Psychic?


What is your third eye really telling you?

Take this quiz to see if you could be a true psychic or if you are a regular non-psychic person unable to see the future.

 Feb 29, 2016
1 of 7Choose your answer:
Your gut instincts are usually:
2 of 7Choose your answer:
You know a person is lying when:
They speak
Their face twitches
They fail a lie detector test
3 of 7Choose your answer:
Your crystal ball shows you:
Your 4th grade math teacher
Your face
Tomorrow's gossip
4 of 7Choose your answer:
You think clairvoyance means:
Foggy thoughts
Shop that sells earrings
Clear viewing
5 of 7Choose your answer:
____ sit at the foot of your bed at night staring at you.
Your pet reptiles
6 of 7Choose your answer:
You know you have always been psychic because when you were a child you:
Aced your take-home tests
Wet the bed
Knew Santa Claus liked you best
7 of 7Choose your answer:
You know what others think of you:
When their smile turns upside down
Because you read their aura
When you wear goggles
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