Quiz: Are You An Astrology Expert?


Let's see how well you know your stars...

Take this quiz about astrology to see how well you know constellations, planets and all things that astrologists know.

 Mar 16, 2016
1 of 7Choose one:
Some people hate astrology because
God said to
they haven't ever heard of it
they don't like being a Virgo
2 of 7Choose one:
There are this many zodiac signs:
Infinity plus one
3 of 7Choose one:
A sample of a birth sign is
“Help! I didn’t mean to come here!”
“Hello Mama”
4 of 7Choose one:
If your zodiac symbol is weird, you can
lay claim to a different birth date
place a Chiquita banana sticker on it
switch to the Libra’s scale
5 of 7Choose one:
Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. They
are not punctual
live with the fishes
finish upright in a 5k
6 of 7Choose one:
The daily horoscope
is a travesty
is not the whole story
is epocsoroh spelled backward
7 of 7Choose one:
Ancient astrologers
observed celestial patterns
drew stars on the ceiling
consulted the Daily Granite
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