Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Mind?


See if your glass is half empty or half full...

This quiz will determine if someone's mind is healthy or anxious and afraid. It will show how happy the person is and how they approach life.

 Apr 04, 2016

1 of 10Pick your answer!

It's good to be you because
you're really quite adorable!
others have it much worse!
at least you have your health!

2 of 10Pick your answer!

You think meditation is a way to
de-stress after an insane day
blot out 15 minutes of your life
be one with your true essence

3 of 10Pick your answer!

Music is ________
okay as long as it's not rap
annoying when it's loud
one of life's greatest pleasures

4 of 10Pick your answer!

You take good care of your body because _________
you're afraid of the dentist
it'll participate in triathlons
you posed for Playboy once

5 of 10Pick your answer!

When you get a compliment, you _________
wonder what they mean
give an even better one
blush deeply

6 of 10Pick your answer!

You'd go for therapy, if only to
complain about your neighbors
prove you're not crazy
get your spouse in trouble

7 of 10Pick your answer!

When you're alone, your thoughts _______
are about the meaning of life
are a mass of contradictions
are analytical but pleasant

8 of 10Your therapist thinks you're

marginally well adjusted
not even a little depressed
a good source of income for her/him

9 of 10You believe there is a higher power

who cares about you all the time
who wants you to learn your own lessons
who has helped you many times

10 of 10Money is not a problem for you because

you have none
you have enough to meet your needs
you're not materialistic
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