Wyoming Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Many of These Words Do YOU Know?

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Cowboys and Cowgirls welcomed!

If you know all about wildlife, rodeos, cowboys and maybe bison burgers too, then you've come to the right place. Go ahead and ace this Wyoming quiz!

 Nov 07, 2018

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What spectacular rock formation attracts thousands of tourists every year, despite its menacing name?
Devil's Tower
Death Hill
Haunted Hill Rock

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Wyoming natives are lucky to live amongst which of our country's beautiful National Parks?

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Around these parts, it's not uncommon to hunt and eat which type of animal?

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And speaking of that, hamburgers are popular, but so are ____ burgers!

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And you have to admit, sometimes those "greenies" or _______ get on your nerves!
Washington natives
Colorado natives
Montana natives

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And even though you get a little irritated with the Greenies, that doesn't stop you from rooting for their NFL team:
The Eagles
The Broncos
The Chargers

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Weekend plans often involve which fun event?
Competitive eating contests!
Bison racing!

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Any local from Wyoming will tell you that the state only has two seasons, what are they?
Humid and Rainy
Humid and Windy
Cold and Windy

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What famous Wyoming geyser shoots water over 300 feet in the air?
The Steamboat Geyser
Devil's Bowl Geyser
Old Faithful

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This means of transportation is not as common as it used to be, but you will see a local from time to time getting to town this way.

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What on earth is a Pronghorn?
It's sort of like an antelope
It's sort of like a rabbit
It's sort of like a bear

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"He's got a burr under his saddle, huh?"
Yeah, he's really in a bad mood!
Totally, he doesn't get the joke!
Yeah, he literally has a burr under his saddle!

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Wyoming natives kind of have to root for the _____, since it's the only public 4 year college in the state!
University of Wyoming Bison
University of Wyoming Cowboys
Wyoming State University Cowboys

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Darn right, Wyoming was the first state to _____________.
Let women vote
Secede from the union
Legalize marijuana

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If someone says to "Dout" the fire, you should:
Put it out!
Add gasoline or lighter fluid to it.
Doubt anything it says to you.

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"Oh yeah, she loves ________, she's a real buckle bunny!"

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You don't see a whole lot of celebrities around here, but which one is know to have a ranch in Wyoming?
Brad Pitt
Harrison Ford
Leonardo Dicaprio
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