Only A True Marylander Or Virginian Can Ace This D.C. Quiz! Can You?

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Can you ace this Washington D.C. Quiz?

Think you can ace this quiz? See how well you can do on this Washington D.C. quiz! If you are from Maryland or Virginia you will probably have no problem getting through these questions.

 Dec 04, 2019

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People say that there is an unofficial dress code in Washington D.C., what might this be?
Formal because there is always an event going on
Conservative because everyone mostly has an office job
Casual, no one cares what you wear to work

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Washington D.C. is part of the 50 states of the United States.
True, it's number 50 actually
False, it's not a state

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This famous Jazz musician called Washington D.C. home. His instrument of choice was the piano.
Charlie Parker
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong

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This sauce that originated in D.C. is a little sweet and spicy and goes great over chicken but in reality you can put it on anything.
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Mumbo Sauce
Chili Sauce

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Before his fame, this poet used to buss tables at the Washington D.C. Wardman Park Hotel. One of his famous poem is titled " I, too"
Langston Hughes
Claude McKay
James Baldwin

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Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland locals might refer to some people as 'transplants.' What do they mean by this?
People who have just moved into Washington D.C.
People who live in Washington D.C. but don't work there.
People who are only temporally living in Washington D.C.

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What is a very common question for Washington D.C. locals to ask people who they have just met?
"Where do you live?"
"What is your favorite food?"
"What do you do?"

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Acronyms are very popular in Washington D.C when referring to where you work. So when someone says they work at the DOJ, what does that stand for?
District of Justice
Department of Judgment
Department of Justice

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What does the DoD stand for ?
Department of Defense
Department of districts
Department of demolition

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Washington is a busy place with a lot of people commuting from work to home, so this form of transportation is very convenient.
Taxi is the easiest way to get around
DC Metro, convenient until something breaks down
Riding a bike, easy and convenient

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This popular ABC Drama Television show starring Kerry Washington, takes place all over Washington D.C.
House of Cards
Parks and Rec.

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This private University is located in Washington D.C. Some who have attended the college are Former President Clinton and Bradley Cooper.
Georgetown University

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Even though Washington D.C. isn't a state they still have their own NFL team.

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If you love cupcakes and want to get your hands on a delicious cupcake in Washington D.C. head to Thomas Jefferson Street for a cupcake from:
Fredericksburg Cupcakes
Urban Cupcakes
Baked & Wired

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If you are living in Washington D.C. you have to know your :
You have to know the constitution by memory
How to mail your letters properly

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Washington D.C. locals might have a thing or two against this state.
New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire

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D.C. locals run into celebrities all the time, but how do their celebrities differ from those of Hollywood.
The celebrities in D.C. have all won a karaoke competition
The celebrities in D.C. are mostly Jazz musicians
The celebrities in D.C. are politicians

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If someone lives in D.C. they automatically know everything that is going on with Congress.
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How much you do you know about Washington D.C. You must be from Virginia or Maryland if you know that many facts about Washington D.C.. Put your Washington D.C. knowledge to the test!

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