Only A True Virginian Can Ace This VA Quiz! You Up To It?

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Virginia locals only, please!

You're going to need to know a whole lot about Virginia slang, lingo, favorite foods, and sports teams if you want to pass this quiz! You up to it?

 Jan 06, 2019
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Calling all Virginia locals, here is a quiz for you! Actually, it's okay if you're not a true local. You could just be a frequent visitor or tourist and that's okay. Can't blame you for loving Virginia... It really is an amazing place!! This Southeastern state stretched from Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains and was actually one of the original Thirteen Colonies. Wow, so much history in one state! There are historic landmarks like Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, the Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Williamsburg. It's a wonder there aren't even MORE tourists hanging around Old Dominion... also known as the Mother Of Presidents. And that's not even mentioning the beautiful weather in Virginia. So if you're a Virginia local or a frequent visitor, then this quiz is perfect for you!

But be warned. This quiz isn't easy. You need to know a whole lot of Virginia slang, lingo, weekend traditions, favorite food spots, and common tourist attractions. That's a whole lot of information packed into 18 questions, but if you love Virginia, then you should be able to ace it!

Not a Virginia local? No problem. bas a plethora of general knowledge trivia quizzes covering a wide array of topics from spelling, grammar, vocabulary, science, and geography. As well as quizzes on every US state and region. Wherever you're from, you can take a lingo quiz for that state. Here's your chance to prove all your knowledge in every subject and take a fun three minute break from your hectic day or night. So go ahead, start this quiz and let loose! You're sure to enjoy yourself.