8 Gifts for Someone Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

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Do your part!

Zero-Waste Gift Guide

It isn't uncommon to meet people who are trying to do their part and be zero-waste.

This means use less items or items that can't be recycled.

If you have a loved one who has gone zero-waste, you might be thinking there is nothing you could get them that they won't feel guilty about—wrong. We've found some great gifts that are zero-waste and your loved ones will truly appreciate you for them.

Make holiday shopping easy for yourself this year and check out this gift guide. And instead of wrapping the gift, try a reusable bag!

1. Stainless Steel Straws

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Stylish while also helping the planet, these stainless steel straws are perfect and they're dishwasher safe, which makes for an easy clean.

2. Indoor Plant

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More green! They'll love that you are helping them do their part and nothing says that better than gifting them with a plant.

3. Kate Spade Reusable Tote

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This is a stylish and eco-friendly gift perfect for your zero-waste loved one.

4. Bamboo Travel Utensils

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Convenient and able to fit perfectly in your reusable tote bag, these bamboo travel utensils are a great gift.

5. Bath Bombs

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Organic bath bombs perfect as a gift. Who doesn't love to unwind?

6. Cotton Napkins

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Perfect for on-the-go or great to use in the house, cotton napkins are stylish and eco-friendly.

7. Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Food Storage Canister

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There will be no need for plastic containers when there are these great stainless steel storage canisters from Urban Outfitters. Zero-waste isn't that hard.

8. Hydro Flask

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If they don't already have one of these, they need one! Hydro Flasks are a great way to avoid using plastic water bottles and keep the water or liquids cold all day.

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