Fitness Women Over 40 You Need to Follow on Instagram

Julie Diamond is a personal trainer and a health coach.
@Juliediamondfitness via Instagram

Age is but a number.

Instagram has been exploding with new accounts dedicated to health and fitness.

Workout regimes, healthy diet choices, and promoting athletic wearβ€”we're here to tell you that it doesn't stop at any age. And these four women over 40 are owning the fitness scene.

Their age isn't stopping them nor slowing them down and they have results to show for it. These fitness women remind you that age is definitely just a number and fitness has no age limit.

Follow these inspirational fitness women who are showing that nothing is slowing them down below.


This 47-year-old fitness coach and model isn't letting anything stop her. She has been featured on ESPN W for her rise to Instagram fame and featured in Strong magazine for Women to Watch for, Fit at Any Age. She runs Top Bodies Fitness, which offers exercise programs and classes for any body type and any age.

With over 40k followers on Instagram, she reminds her followers not to limit themselves or make excuses for why they can't live a happy and healthy life.


Loraine is a 47-year-old body building competitor who isn't letting anything stop her from reaching her goals. She has placed in Physical Culture Association Competitions and isn't afraid to show off what she worked hard for.

Loraine is always showing her fitness progress and nothing is limiting her to what she can do, not even her age.


Gabriela Pomplova is an inspiring yogie who practices pranic healing. She makes and sells yoga-inspired jewelry and clothes. When she isn't posting her newest creations, she's sharing her different yoga poses with inspirational captions.

She has over 90k followers and isn't stopping any time soon.


Julie Diamond is a personal trainer and health coach. She has been featured in The Fine Line Magazine, reminding women that they can be fit at any age.

Working in the fitness industry for over 20 years, Diamond wants to help and support people through their fitness journey.

She uses hashtags like #ageless, #liveyoung, and #fitnessover40 showing her followers anything can be achieved at any age.

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