TV Characters That Will Make Anyone With BPD Feel Understood

Scene from the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Do these characters connect with you?

Resonating with a TV character can come easy to some, but if you have borderline personality disorder you might have a harder time.

TV can be a getaway from everything, and when people are watching, connecting with characters can help them feel a little less alone. This is why these TV shows that accurately depict characters with BPD are very crucial.

We have found some TV shows where there lead characters has been diagnosed with BPD or have symptoms of BPD. Get to know them below!

Mickey Dobbs (Love)

In this Netflix rom-com show, Mickey Dobbs is living in L.A. working for a radio station. She meets a guy named Gus Crulkshank, who is her complete opposite. Yet, they start a whirlwind romance. Mickey struggles throughout the show with the fear of being alone, abuses alcohol and drugs, and tends to be impulsive.

Although the show never mentions Mickey being diagnosed with BPD, some living with the disorder might feel connected with her character.

"I was able to relate to her tendency to turn to other people out of feelings of isolation and the urge to feel fulfilled; people with BPD may act out, even pushing away those they love the most, when faced with potential heartache or abandonment," Rachel Sloan writes in an article titled How I Relate to Mickey From 'Love' as Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder.

Rebecca Bunch (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

Rebecca Bunch is a Harvard graduate real estate lawyer living in New York. She is suffering from anxiety, depression, and BPD. After being offered to become junior partner at her law firm, Rebecca decides to follow her ex-boyfriend from camp to West Covina, California.

Throughout the show Rebecca deals with impulsive decisions and becomes extremely attached to her ex-boyfriend. She is a smart and successful lawyer, but her only struggle is intimacy in relationships stemming from a horrible childhood memory when her parents divorced.

Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

Riverdale is based of the old Archie Comics with a new spin. Betty Cooper, the girl next door, struggles with her mental health. Her character obviously deals with anxiety from everything that has happened to her and her family in the show. As she is battling evil characters from hurting her friends and family, she is also battling her own demons.

Betty's character struggles with self-harm while trying to keep her happy composure, she soon begins to break and has no control over her emotions.

Rick (Rick and Morty)

Rick and Morty is a Cartoon Sitcom based on the life of Rick Sanchez, who goes to live with his daughter after being gone for 20 years. Rick, who is a scientist, sets up shop in his daughters garage, where he involves his grandkid in his experiments, Morty.

Throughout the show Rick suffers from alcoholism which he uses as a coping mechanism.

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