6 Movies Featuring Incredibly Impactful Therapy Scenes

Scene from the movie Good Will Hunting.
Via Miramax Films

Forget your worries!

Capturing a therapy scene can be difficult, especially if you don't want the scene to come off as stereotypical.

Therapy is meant to be private and can be very emotional, and these films perfectly captured that moment. The scenes also capture how crucial it is to seek out help when facing challenging situations in your personal life.

Scroll through our list to see some impactful therapy scenes in movies:

Via Miramax Films

1. Good Will Hunting

This film takes you on a whirlwind of emotions. One of our favorite examples is the therapy scene we experience between Will (played by Matt Damon) and his therapist (played by Robin Williams). The scene captures a moment where Will allows himself to become completely vulnerable, something he never found easy to do.

2. Analyze This

In the movie, there's a very emotional scene between a psychiatrist and his patient, a mob boss. Paul Vitti (Robert Dinero) finally reveals a memory from his past that had been haunting him all his life.

3. Girl, Interrupted

This movie revolves around young women dealing with mental health problems. In one particular scene, Susanna (played by Winona Ryder) is checked into a mental institution. Susanna's psychiatrist reveals her condition during a family therapy session.

4. As Good As it Gets

A man suffering from OCD storms into his psychiatrist's office. In desperate need to speak with him, his psychiatrist makes him understand the proper way he must make an appointment, trying his best to fight his compulsions.

5. Silver Linings Playbook

Pat Solitano (played by Bradley Cooper) is a man who has been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In this scene, he expresses to his therapist his anger and what situation pushed him over the edge.

6. What About Bob?

Bob Wiley (played by Bill Murray) is a man suffering from OCD, dependent personality disorder, and agoraphobia. In his pivotal therapy scene, Bob tells his therapist all the things that bother him and what he is most fearful of.

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