4 Shows on Hulu Fit for Anyone Who's Battling Depression

Scene from the show Broad City.
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These are worth streaming.

If you have depression, you might have a harder time resonating with certain TV shows, feeling like they don't understand you.

Movies and TV do a great job at telling a story, but sometimes it isn't the right story for people battling depression. It can be hard to connect and feel like someone understands what you're going through.

We've found TV shows on Hulu that accurately portray depression. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with depression, these show can give you a sense of what they're going through.

See which series best resonates with you below!

1. Broad City

Two best friends living in New York City try and navigate their lives. Living with no money, they try to do what it takes to survive the city.

Ilana, one of the main characters, is battling depression. This is never known until season two when she reveals to her best friend, Abbi, that one of her goals is to "lower her does of antidepressants." Something different about the show is it doesn't portray Ilana with stereotypical symptoms of someone who is depressed.

It shows a real-life situation of a woman who is trying to live her life in New York City, with her best friend. They never let the mental illness define her, it's just something she has to live with.

2. Rick And Morty

This adult cartoon series features Rick Sanchez, a scientist, who comes to live with his daughter after he had been missing for 20 years. Much of the show features Rick transforming his daughters garage into a lab and having his grandkid Morty lend him a hand.

Although this show was intended to be a comedy, Rick's character is battling serious issues, alcoholism and depression. He dives into experiments and his inventions to avoid talking about his problem.

3. This Is Us

This Is Us follows the lives of different families going through real-life ups and downs. Body image, babies, job, and even mental illness. One of the characters in the show battles depression, and although he is known for his jokes and always making an effort to make everyone else around him laugh, he deals with his own problems.

4. Please Like Me

Josh has just been dumped by his girlfriend, but realizes he's better off because he's gay. He moves back home with his parents after his mom attempts suicide.

The show then follows Josh learning to be comfortable with his sexuality, along with trying to get through life and help his mom.

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