Should You REALLY Be Running When on Your Period?

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Its okay!

There's no worse time to go for a run then when on your period, right? Wrong.

Exercising during your period can help with fatigue and cramping.

Running while on your period can also help with bloating.

There are common misconceptions that exercising or running on your period could be dangerous for you.

Running increases blood flow to muscles and kidneys. Your kidneys filter out waste from your blood at a quicker rate causing you to release excess water and help with your bloating. Who would've thought?

Although it's important to remind yourself to take it slow during your run or exercise, there's definitely no harm in running while you're menstruating.

"Research has shown that increased stress can lead to more cramping," and a great way to relieve some of that is through running.

Any kind of exercise can increase the 'feel-good' hormone or endorphins, which can help with a person's overall mood.

Women can experience mood changes while on their period, so an increase of endorphins can really help kick any mood swings.

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There are no major reasons to stop you from running while on your period, but remember to take it slow. Overworking yourself on your period isn't the best idea and it's important to keep hydrated.

"The female runner needs to be extra careful to be sure she is taking in at least 40 grams of carbohydrate/hour, if racing or intensively training during the luteal phase (beginning of menstrual cycle)," according to Dr Stacy Sims, a Exercise Physiologist-Nutrition Scientist at Stanford University.

It's recommended for women to keep a log of their periods and how it's affected by their run. Plan out your runs and see what works for you.

And don't forget to talk to your doctor to be extra sure running while on your period won't negatively impact your body.