Easy Rules to Follow to Maintain Your Favorite Jeans

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Love your jeans the way they love you!

Easy Rules to Maintain Your Favorite Jeans

Falling in love with a pair of jeans is no crime, but not taking care of them should be. Rushing to the store to go buy another pair of your favorite jeans should not be a routine.

After having my share of love affairs with the perfect pair of jeans, I have found easy steps to maintain the colors and fit. Now I'm no jean expert, but I have jean experience.

Feel weird about throwing your jeans in the freezer? These easy rules will become great jean habits that you'll never want to break.

Wash With Caution

Now there might be a slight urgency to throw in your jeans into the wash after one use, I don't blame you. But if the one use consisted of you making a run to Target and coming home, DO NOT WASH THEM.

First step in washing your denim, is to not. Choose your washes carefully and your jeans will thank you for it. Always remember to separate your jeans. Even after the first wash of your new pair of jeans, the color might run. So to play it safe wash your jeans with other jeans—dark blue with dark blue, light with light, and so on. If the colors run with like colored jeans, it won't matter and will help maintain the color.

Consider your jeans delicates, and wash them on a delicate cycle inside out to help any excessive run-off color. Air dry is always the best option for your jeans, but if you must put them in the dryer, tumble dry low is best with a couple of dryer sheets.

These extra steps might seem tedious, but they are good jean habits to implement.

Things you may need to give your jeans a proper wash:

Keep it old school

Got time on your hands? It's always good to handwash your jeans, if you have some time to spare. A little bit of detergent and cold water should do the trick.

Wash them in your sink or tub (if you need the room) and hang them up to air dry for the best results.

Let them Hang

Don't just shove your jeans in your drawers. They deserve better than that. Grab a sturdy hanger and hang up your jeans. If you're worried about space in your closet, you can always double up on one hanger. Two of the same colored jeans on one hanger and you should be good to go.

Personally, I like to hang like colored jeans together, just in case any color runs off. Your jeans deserve better than being mangled in a corner of your drawer. Treat them right and they will last you forever, or at least for a couple of months.

What you might need to keep your jeans organized:

Shake It Off

At the end of each jean use, it's always good to shake them before hanging to remove any lint. Shake and hang—they will be good to go for the next jean day.

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