10 Instagram Captions Only a Redhead Will Appreciate

Scene from the movie Crazy, stupid, love.
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Ginger is the spice of life.

Redhead Instagram Captions

Lucille Ball and Julianne Moore are just some of the famous redheads who have embraced their hair and made it known.

Now it's your turn, redheads. Embrace your luxurious locks by posting a photo to Instagram with one of these captions dedicated to your distinct hair coloring.

Scroll through to see which one best works for you!

  • "Once in his life, a man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." -Lucille Ball

  • "Red hair is great. It's rare, so therefore, superior." -Augusten Burroughs

  • " Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air." -Sylvia Plath

  • "We redheads are a minority, we tend to notice each other—you know, and notice our identity." -Julianne Moore

  • "If you want trouble, find yourself a redhead." -Unknown

  • "Blondes are noticed, but redheads are never forgotten." -Anonymous

  • "Caution, natural redhead. Please don't place under direct sunlight." -Anonymous

  • "Ginger is the spice of life." -Anonymous

  • "Keep calm and rock it like a redhead." -Anonymous

  • "I definitely know that I'm quirky. I know that I'm different. Red hair definitely made me different growing up." -Jayma Mays

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