10 Frightful Purge Instagram Captions for Halloween Posts

Scene from the movie The Purge
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Welcome to The Purge!

10 Frightful Purge Instagram Captions for Halloween Posts

Halloween is upon us which means it's time to dress up as your choice of creepy character, including The Purge.

Whether you've recently seen the films or figured putting on a mask for Halloween is the easiest choice, we've gathered a list of captions that would perfectly with your Purge-inspired costumes.

Scroll through our list to see which one best works for your post.

The Purge Instagram Captions

  • "This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge."

  • "Tonight allows people a release."

  • "Everything's gonna be okay."

  • "Just remember all the good the purge does."

  • "Decriminalized murder, an outlet for American rage."

  • "People like us, we don't survive tonight."

  • "The only way we stay alive is if we stay together."

  • "It'll soon be a war out there."

  • "No one's going to help us tonight."

  • "We can't have heroes."

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