4 Highly Accurate Depictions of Postpartum Depression in TV

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These shows got it right.

Postpartum depression is more common than most people know, but it isn't often talked about—especially not in the mainstream media.

But these TV shows dared to break the mold and depict PPD in the most accurate and honest way possible.

From Nashville to Black-ish, scroll below for four series that got PPD right. Not only that, they show that help is out there and showcase the best ways to get aid for what you're going through. So if you're battling PPD right now, let the episodes on these shows be your guide to getting the treatment you deserve.


This ABC TV show that debuted in 2012 is based on the lives of country artist living in Nashville. Rayna James (Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) duke it out to be in the spotlight.

In season four of Nashville, Juliette faces serious issues with her mental health. She becomes a new mother and the show reveals how she suffers from PPD. The character becomes increasingly detached from her child and ignores the responsibility of motherhood. Eventually she gets the treatment she needs and all is well.

Jane the Virgin

In the CW show Jane the Virgin, one of the shows characters, Petra (Yael Groblgas), at first believed to be evil, is shown in a different light in the later seasons. In season 2, Petra begins to show signs of PPD after giving birth to twin girls.

She becomes distant, isolating herself and, at one point, running away. The character then seeks help for her depression.


Girls' character Caroline (Gaby Hoffman) deals with serious problems after giving birth to her daughter. She ends up leaving her husband and baby, leaving a note describing how she was worried she would hurt her child if she didn't leave.

The show depicts the tough situation mothers can face when dealing with the mental health illness.


ABC's Black-ish aired an episode titled "Mother Nature" on World Mental Health Day during its second season. The episode shows the character Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) battling symptoms of PPD after giving birth to her child.

This soon affects her whole family, while they try to figure out how to make Rainbow feel better.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to seek help if you or a loved one is having symptoms of PPD. These TV shows just go to show that no one is alone and everyone faces challenges, but they can be overcome.

For more information on where to seek help, visit the National Institute of Mental Health or call the depression hotline.

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