8 Surprising Ways Meditation Helps Your Menstrual Cycle

Woman with her hands together, meditating.
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Take a deep breath.

Periods and period symptoms can be overwhelming, especially when combining everything that goes on in life. But there are plenty of ways to lessen the pain brought on by your cycle.

One of our favorite methods to use is meditation. Here are some ways it can help you become the master of your period.

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1. It Helps Relieve Period Pain

Meditating can actually change your mind about menstrual pain and helping you deal with the severity of menstrual cramps.

According to a study published by the journal Mindfulness, meditation can also help with bloating and other PMS symptoms like sweating.

2. It Can Reduce Any Stress

Meditation has already been linked to improving your mental state, helping some fight anxiety and depression. This is also true for stress especially during your period.

Stress during your period can affect your cycle, how heavy it is, and cramping, with meditation it helps you stay at ease and can relieve all these symptoms.

3. It Brings a Balance to Your Emotional State

Relaxation can help your period tremendously, along with your emotional state.

Hormones can shift, and sometimes, affect how we are feeling. With meditation, it helps women to be in complete relaxation and "to achieve a state of mental calmness."

4. It Helps Boost Energy Levels

Your period can bring on feelings of fatigue and leave you with low energy, but meditation can help restore that energy.

According to an article by Thrive Global, "Think of it as cultivating positive, clear energy that you can direct and manage throughout your day."

5. It Can Better Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle

Meditation can help bring balance to pineal and pituitary glands, two important glands located in your brain that secrete hormones and can help with things like sleep and behavior.

"It is said that when the inner and outer projections are strong and positive, the menstrual cycle becomes balanced," according to an article by The Secrets of Yoga.

6. It Brings About Physical Relaxation

Along with mental and emotional relaxation during menstruation, meditation offers physical relaxation.

This can help with body discomfort and cramps. During meditation you are allowing your body to be completely relaxed, focusing on nothing but your breathing.

7. It Can Make You More Considerate

Self-affirmation while meditating can uplift your mental state and help with your emotional balance during menstruation.

According to an article by Elite Daily, "Self-affirmation, can help you see things from a more reasonable, considerate and even rational perspective."

8. It Brings Balance to Your Hormones

High levels of stress can cause a change in your hormones. A decreased amount of estrogen and progesterone can throw off a woman's body. But with daily meditation, it can help balance your hormones and keep your body at a healthier state.