Best Lipstick Shades for Women With Darker Skin Tones

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Lipsticks That Work for My Darker Skin Tone

My wise mother made it clear that bright pinks and reds would just not work for me. She was right.

Choosing lip colors has been an adventure for me, one that had to be taken in order to find the beautiful colors that worked with my complexion.

Any woman can rock any color they like and no one can tell them otherwise, but for me it was what I felt comfortable wearing. I have never been one to love bright colors anyway, so it wasn't a heartbreaking moment to move away from fuchsia pink.

Being confident in your skin is the first step in choosing any sort of makeup product. Self-love will make the color even more vibrant.

I'm a couple of shades darker than my mom, so a lip color that worked for her wouldn't necessarily work on me. I always test the lip colors on my hand to kind of give me an idea of what it would look. I also look at smudging and what the color looks like after it dries out.

I also resort to beauty bloggers that have similar skin tones as me and see how the color worked for them.

Lipstick shopping is not an easy task, but one I feel is important. Below are a few shades that have really worked well with my skin tone.

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick

Match made in lipstick color heaven, the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in the colors Allison and Dusty Rose are my go-to lipsticks. The are definitely long wear and they dry velvet, so if you like more shine, you can pair this with a gloss. I like to use Kylie Cosmetics Like gloss.

These lipsticks are the perfect shade of pink for me and I love not worrying about reapplying after my morning cup of coffee. Never thought I would see the day where my mom and I could agree on a lipstick color for me.

Nars Power Matte Lip Pigment

I have found it, the perfect shade of red! Nars Power Matte Lip Pigment in the shade Vain is a gorgeous shade of red. Finding the perfect shade of red has been as difficult as finding the perfect shade of pink. For me, it has always been a red that makes me feel comfortable and confident, this one does both.

Before Picking the Shade

Self-love comes first before finding the perfect shade. Feel confident in your skin and any color will always look gorgeous on you.

Makeup has always been important to me, not because I was insecure in my looks, but because I was taught that makeup would highlight my favorite features, not hide them. Having love for your skin and your look is step one in finding the perfect shade, trust me.

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