How Do Guys Really Feel About Periods? Let's Discuss

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Listen up, guys.

How Do Guys Feel About Periods?

When it comes to girls and our periods, we can all relate on some level to the symptoms, cravings, and cramps that come with a period, but how do the men in our life feel about it? Let's investigate.

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Why Do Men Blame PMS for Everything?

The assumption is women are more irritable while they are on their period and there are always those men who blame PMS. PMS (or Premenstrual Syndrome) actually occurs while a woman is ovulating, 11 days before menstruation and goes away by the time you actually get your period.

A lot of the time, men are misinformed or are never corrected about a woman's menstrual cycle, which is a crucial point in having them understand what really goes on with a woman's period.

Men often assume that the only reason women are upset with them is because they're experiencing PMS, which is not always the case.

How Does a Period Work?

Understanding that a woman's period can vary in how many days it lasts is something that can stump some men. Women cannot turn off and on their period. There are also times when we might have a light period that lasts four days, a heavy period that last six days, or we just might not get our period.

The average menstrual cycle is every 28 days and no period will ever be the same as the last. Answering questions and correcting men about a woman's menstrual cycle is not something that we should shy away from.

It's also pretty clear from the video below that most men really have no idea how periods work.

Are Men Embarrassed Buying Feminine Products for Women?

For the most part, men are pretty comfortable and willing to go to the store and pick up some tampons or pads. All it takes is a very good description, picture of what brand is preferred, and there is usually little to no problem. Even though men may not completely understand what its like to have a period or the symptoms that come with it, lending a hand when they can is definitely a good start.  

In an article by VagaBomb, they asked 14 men how they felt buying feminine products for the women in their life and overall consensus didn't care so much as long as they knew exactly what brand or type they needed to get.

"I would buy anything she needs and everything that helps her feel good and comfy."

Even though they might not ask many questions about our periods, reminding men we are always willing and happy to answer any of their questions so that they can get a better understanding about what a period is.