10 Perfect Instagram Captions for Hazel Eyes

Image of a girl with hazel eyes.
Via Unsplash

Pretty eyes!

Pretty hazel eyes deserve some appreciation and showing off.

We created a list of the best captions to show off your hazel eyes on your next Instagram post.

If you got it, flaunt it! Check out our list of captions to see which best fits your post.

Hazel Eyes Instagram Captions

  • "I can see my wishes in your sparkly hazel eyes." -Anonymous

  • "His eyes are light brown with a hint of green. Steady. Mysterious. Perfect. " *-Michelle PoelKing

  • "A beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes." -Anonymous

  • "Pretty eyes see the truth behind the lies." -Anonymous

  • "Those deep hazel eyes held his and didn't blink." -JR Ward

  • "Beauty is how you feel in the inside and it reflects in your eyes." -Sophia Loren

  • "My eyes tell the secrets my lips won't." -Anonymous

  • "Hazel eyes are so pretty, they aren't just ever one color." -Anonymous

  • "Don't get lost in my eyes." -Anonymous

  • "Not your regular colored eyed girl." -Anonymous

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