Does Reiki Work on Dogs? We Have All the Answers Here

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Pups need relaxation, too!

You've experience reiki for yourself and loved it. Now you're wondering, 'Can my dog benefit from it, too?'

Just like any reiki healing, it can depend on the person and whether they benefit from a reiki session. This is the same for dogs.

Reiki has been shown to help calm dogs and more. Though many believe your pup needs to be sick to receive treatment, that's not the case. Any dog can visit a reiki practitioner whenever you, their owner, deems fit.

Scroll below to discover how reiki can benefit your beloved pet!

How Reiki Can Benefit Your Dog

As with people, reiki healing may vary and may not appear right away. If reiki is something that you want to try for your dog, look into a couple of healing sessions to see better results.

There are several ways reiki can help your dog, even if they aren't sick or injured, and one of them is boosting your dog's immune system.

Reiki healing can help ease any pain your dog may be experiencing and even help with healing time after surgery or illness. It may also help with stress or any anxiousness that you've noticed your dog experiencing.

Reiki Techniques at Home

Even though you might not be a reiki practitioner, you can apply some touching techniques for your dog. Although you may not be channeling reiki energy, reiki touching can be very calming.

General Relaxation

Shoulders: Place both hands flat against your dogs shoulders, without putting too much pressure.

Midsection: If your dog is laying on their back, you can place both hand gently on their belly or if they are sitting place both hands on their back close to their spine.

Emotional Healing

Back & Chest: Gently place one hand on your dogs back and place another hand gently on their chest.

Head & Chest: Place one hand gently on the top pf your dogs head while placing the other hand on their chest.

Simple reiki touching techniques like these can really bring calmness and relaxation to your dog, while also helping your dog to bond with you more.

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