3 Eye-Opening Documentaries About Stress

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Sometimes you can feel like stress in unavoidable.

Life, work, family, relationships can be overwhelming and feel unbalanced. Approximately eight in 10 Americans suffer from stress in their daily lives.

These documentaries show us what the brain is experiencing when you are stressed, the health risks that come from stress, and people's personal experiences dealing with stress.

There may be times when you feel alone, but we are here to tell you there are more people out there feeling the same way. Hopefully, these documentaries can help you better understand your stress and how to manage it.

Check out which documentary best resonates with you below!

Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope

This documentary covers toxic stress, brought on by abuse or neglect during childhood. Toxic stress can later affect the child's life greatly, being at higher risk for disease or homelessness.

Researchers have found new sciences that can help prevent this, using new therapies that can help the children's future.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer

This documentary by National Geographic, analyzes how stress has affected our bodies overtime. It mentions how stress can affect not only your mental health but immune system and leave you at risk for diseases.

While also looking at the long-term and short-term affects of stress, it also shares possible causes of stress.

The Truth About Stress

Fiona Phillips hosts this BBC documentary analyzing the root of people's stress and why there is such an increase in people's stress levels. She also discuses actions people can take to reduce the level of stress in your daily lives.

Phillips even opens up about her own experience with stress and she is looking for the best method to decrease her stress level.

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