Why Do I Get Body Odor Before My Period? Find Out Here

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Smells like hormones...

Why Women Produce Body Odor Before Their Period

Women can produce different smells before their menstrual cycle, and there are several factors that can affect a woman's smell.

Before a woman's period begins, their is a change in hormones, which is one main reason a woman's odor might change days before menstruation. 

When a woman is ovulating, it is said, that a man can smell a change in her body. According to an article by Hello Clue, "males may be subliminally capable of distinguishing when ovulation occurs from components in female scent."

A woman's smell can change, depending on which stage of menstruation she's in.

There are four stages in a woman's menstrual cycle: menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase. 

A study was done by Jan Havlieek of the Department of Anthropology at Charles University, where a group of women were asked to keep cotton pads for 24 hours during their periods. According to the study, "The most attractive smells, men said, were from the time between the first day of menstruation and ovulation."

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During ovulation, a woman can send out "signals" through her sweat.

According to a study published by Oxford Academic, "If men do have an adaptation of detecting the timing of ovulation, they should be able to prefer ovulating women in the situating in which they can compare the attractiveness of odors between different women."

Call it instinct, but the change of hormones during your menstrual cycle can allow other males that you are fertile.

If you're taking any form of birth control, your body isn't ovulating, which is the point of birth control.

So how does this affect your smell when you're ovulating? Women who are on birth control don't release the same smell as women who aren't on the pill. Women on birth control don't smell better or worse, they just don't release any smell whatsoever.  

The more you know.