6 Best Nail Polish Colors for Women Over 50

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Best Nail Polish Colors for Older Women

My mom and I have been getting our nails done together for some time now. As our appointments became more frequent, I noticed she started picking colors that were very similar to each other. Nothing over the top, no designs, just regular gel polish.

I asked her why she never chose other colors and she simply said she felt more comfortable with mellow and warmer colors. I wanted to share her color selection for any woman out there standing in front of the nail polish wall in the salon, feeling overwhelmed with what color would look good.

My mother is a beautiful 50-year-old, and these are some colors that are her go-to at the nail salon:

1. Tiramisu for Two by OPI

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Tiramisu is a soft cream color, subtle with a hint of pink. She likes to do a color like this during spring time, or even getting closer to summer, to have a more neutral hue.

2. Chocolate Moose by OPI

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She currently has a similar color on, a deep chocolate moose color for the winter time, but she will never go any darker. This is a more rebellious color for her.

3. Reflection Red by OPI

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A dark ruby red is usually her go-to. No bright reds or reds with a hint of pink. She finds darker reds to be more age appropriate for her.

4. My Solar Clock Is Ticking by OPI

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This would be considered my mom's summer color, a bit more of a pinkish hue. As you can tell, she likes to stick to her reds.

5. Freedom of Peach by OPI

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This is considered the vacation color for my mom. Her go-to when she is leaving for a trip, usually during the summer, she enjoys orange colors like this one.

6. Cozu-Melted the Sun by OPI

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Last but not least, Cozu-Melted the Sun rounds out the list. Glitter that is subtle without bringing too much attention, this color is her pretty in pink kind of color.

Colors Older Women Should Avoid

My mom doesn't like any blues, purples, or bright greens and yellows. For one, she doesn't think it goes with her skin tone and secondly, she says the colors are too youthful for her.

Now, this is completely her opinion and I am sure there are women out there rocking yellow nails (more power to you). These are just colors my mom feels comfortable wearing at her age.

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