Can You Ace This Ultimate Indiana Quiz? Bet Not!

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How Indiana are YOU?

Think you know it all about Indiana sports, trivia and favorite foods? Here's your chance to put it to the test and ace this Hoosier quiz! Up to it?

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Indiana local here? Well you're in luck! This Indiana quiz was literally made for you! These eighteen questions cover a wide range of trivia questions about Indiana sports, favorite foods, popular pastimes, local traditions and tourist hotspots. If you're a true Indiana local, you shouldn't have too much trouble acing this Indiana quiz... but if you're just another tourist, it might give you a little trouble. You really do need to know a lot about Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, not to mention the University of Indiana, Hoosiers, sweepers, the state fair, and of course, occasionally crossing over into Chicago for a night out on the town! It's a lot of trivia to be familiar with, so hopefully you are indeed familiar with Indiana. Hoosiers love to reconnect with other Hoosiers over the hometowns they love so much!

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