Are You Wisconsin Enough To Ace This Ultimate 28 Question WI Quiz?

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How ‘bout dem Packers eh?

Go ahead and try to ace this quiz on Wisconsin trivia regarding food, accents, lingo and football traditions! If you can, you’re a real local!

 Mar 04, 2019
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"Guldarn." What's it mean?
It’s a large cauldron
It’s a nicer substitute for “goddamn”
It’s a type of lake bird
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What does it mean when you hear a Wisconsinite say: "I have to go to the tyme machine"
They want to go back in time to the 70s
They need to take money out of an ATM
They need a clock to see the time
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What's an FIB known to do?
Drive exceptionally well
Have Illinois plates and drive horribly
Blend in like a true Wisconsinite
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What might you hear someone exclaim angrily?
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What do you call one of those transplants from Northern Michigan?
A blooper
A booster
A yooper
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How does a Wisconsinite end a question: "Do you want to see a movie, _________?"
how about so
or no
maybe not
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What noise does a good cheese curd make?
It howls
A good cheese curd shouldn't make any noise
It squeaks
8 of 28Choose your answer!
Since we’re talking about cheese, Wisconsinites are devoted _____!!!
9 of 28Choose your answer!
What are you doing if you're "stopping to da pig" ?
Going completely ham at the bar later
Picking up ham for dinner
Stopping at Piggly Wiggly grocery store on the way home
10 of 28Choose your answer!
How does a true Wisconsinite pronounce "Milwaukee"?
11 of 28Choose your answer!
What is the last family meal of the night called?
12 of 28Choose your answer!
"Up Nort'" is what?
Northern Wisconsin
When you go on a date
When you're really mad
13 of 28Choose your answer!
Wisconsinites wear their accents proudly! "Bag" becomes __.
14 of 28Choose your answer!
And "Wisconsin" sounds like __.
Wis - can - sin
15 of 28Choose your answer!
"N' so?" means:
Isn't that so?
Go away
Uh no way
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How far would you say Madison is from Milwaukee?
80 miles
130 kilometers
About an hour and a half drive
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What do Wisconsinites call traffic lights?
Stop and go lights
Stop-it blinkers
Red and green goes
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Bust out the camouflage! It's __ season.
19 of 28Choose your answer!
"You betcha" means?
Of course!
Time to go to the casino
I forgot
20 of 28Choose your answer!
How do you address a group of people?
Youse guys
21 of 28Choose your answer!
"Ya hey der!" is a(n) ________.
Angry phrase
Term of endearment
22 of 28Choose your answer!
What's the typical Friday night meal?
Fish Fry
Steak and potatoes
Pizza and breadsticks
23 of 28Choose your answer!
"Come up real quick once" means?
Come over
I only want to see you once
Remember that one time?
24 of 28Choose your answer!
What do you get a drink from?
A bubbler
A sprouter
A water fountain
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What is the most commonly served food before a packer game?
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Sure, ice cream's great and all but a true Wisconsinite knows that frozen __ is where it's at!
Fruit Juice
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What sound do you make if you bump into someone?
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Sure, out-of-staters may make fun of your accent, but it doesn't bother you because you know in your heart that the __ State is the best!
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