Only True Washington Locals Can Ace This Quiz. Can YOU?

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PNW natives only, please.

Take this quiz to see whether you know Washington as well as you should by answering questions about local food, traditions and culture.

 Aug 20, 2018
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Which of these companies doesn’t call Washington home?
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Where you can go to see an amazing waterfall?
Oneonta Gorge
Multnomah Falls
Palouse Falls
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Which famous martial artist is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle?
Bruce Lee
Ip Man Huo
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What famous coffeehouse started in Washington?
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Caribou Coffee
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But if you aren’t in the mood for that chain, which other PNW chain can you stop at?
Dunkin’ Donuts
Dutch Bros
Fox Hollow
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If you order “jojos” at a restaurant, what are you actually going to get?
String beans
Mac and cheese
Potato wedges
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What does it mean if your friend says there’s fresh pow out?
There’s some new gossip to hear
There’s some fresh snow
There’s a fight about to go down
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Which football team are you definitely rooting for?
The Vikings
The Seahawks
The Rams
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Which type of cherries are popular across Washington?
Seattle Cherries
Rainier Cherries
Olympia Cherries
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What kind of fish is often served "cedar planked" in WA?
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Which state park has a misleading name and is actually a lot of fun?
Cape Disappointment
Cape Regret
Cape Sadness
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You’ve been to which WA tourist attraction at least once?
The John Hancock Building
The Space Needle
The Empire State Building
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Which of these famous shows takes place in WA?
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
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Which celebrity is from WA?
50 Cent
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Which of these is a nickname for the state?
The Evergreen State
The Golden State
The Beehive State
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What does it mean if “the mountain’s out today”?
It’s raining
It’s cloudy
It’s sunny
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Which neighbors are actually the best of all?
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Which WA volcano famously erupted in 1980?
Yellowstone Caldera
Mount St. Helens
Mount Hood
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