Are You Utah Enough To Ace This Ultimate 27 Question UT Quiz?

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You think you know Utah, but do you really?

Go ahead and try to ace this quiz on Utah trivia regarding food, accents, lingo and sports traditions! If you can, you’re a real local!

 Jan 06, 2019
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It might sound a little whacky, but Utahns love to eat which vibrant color of jello?
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Utah actually has claim to America's Dead Sea; it's the:
Great Salt Lake
Lake Powell
Utah Lake
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And Utah's said to have some of the best _____ in the world!
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How would a local pronounce Tooele?
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Doesn't sound like anything special, but which of these potato dishes is a Utah favorite? And super delicious!
Funeral potatoes
Potatoes O'Brien
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What are the "The Big 5" or "The Mighty 5" referring to?
The 5 best skiing spots in Utah
The 5 national parks that are all within Utah
The 5 biggest Mormon Temples in Utah
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Some Utah grocery stores stock which of these contrary-sounding items?
Alcohol-less "alcohol"
Pickle-less "pickles"
Almond-less "almonds"
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No profanities here: what are you most likely to say instead of "oh my hell!"?
Oh my fudge!
Oh my darn!
Oh my heck!
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Utah's "Fry sauce" is:
Mayonnaise and ketchup
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"Here's some chocolate _________."
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How do you pronounce that thing you put your head on while you sleep?
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If someone's talking about a "stake house" around here, what are they actually referring to?
A post office
A church
A restaurant
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Someone who is "cutting class" in Utah would say they were:
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If I totally "biffed it," what did I just do?
made it up
did very well
fell down
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In Utah, people often say "mountain" without pronouncing which letter?
16 of 27Choose your answer!
Which of these city names have you used as a verb?
Salt Lake City
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How might someone in Utah use the word "fetch"?
As a term for "cool"
As a swear or curse
As a word for "bike"
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Which weekday night would you never plan a meeting or event for?
Monday Night
Thursday Night
Wednesday Night
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How do people in Utah often pronounce “fork”?
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If you’re going out, you’ll need someone to ______ your kids.
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Around here, scones are more like:
A hole-less donut eaten with honey butter
A sweet biscuit with tea or coffee
A small unsweetened or lightly sweetened biscuit-like cake
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How do you pronounce the town named Hurricane?
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Translate: “Take yer outfit across the crick.”
Go wash your clothes
Get your work done before having fun
Take your car through the creek
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An elder is a term for a/an _________.
middle-aged animal
Mormon missionary
mountain top
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Drivers from which nearby state especially bother you?
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Utah has the largest concentration of which religion residing in the state?
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At the end of the day, you don't care what anyone has to say about Utah because you know nothing comes close to the:
Big Peach
Holy Land!
Beehive State!
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