Utah Lingo - It's A Thing. Do You Know These 18 "Typical" UT Things?

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Can Utah-k the talk?

Ace this tricky 18 question Utah trivia and lingo quiz to prove that you know the Beehive State like only a real local does. Good luck!!

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Hey there Utah locals! Do you consider yourself an expert on all things Beehive State? If so, then you've some to the correct place. This eighteen question quiz is the comprehensive authority on whether you have an above-average knowledge of everything that goes into being a Utahn. Seriously, not everyone knows eighteen questions worth of trivia and lingo in regards to the Beehive State. When they think of Utah, they probably can only call to mind Mormons and the Great Salt Lake. But, this state is so, so much more than that. Every state is comprised of so many traditions and unique lingo, considering any of them the same just isn't correct.

As a proud Utahn, you know all about the proper way to eat scones, how to pronounce Tooele, Hurricane and creek, funeral potatoes, green jello, elders, and apple beer... Just to name a few things! However, if any or many of those things sounded unfamiliar, odds are that you're not actually a Utah local or transplant. You simply can't be a true Utah local and not know ANY of that trivia! That being said, if Utah isn't your thing, Women.com has so many other quizzes for you to choose from, on a wide array of topics. From world geography, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, history, entertainment, television, sports, gardening and so much more. So go ahead, take a fun three minute break from your otherwise hectic day. You enjoy this moment of bliss. You might even ace a few quizzes!

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