Minnesota Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 20 "Typical" MN Things?

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You aced it? Uff-da!

Well versed in all things Minnesota, like hotdishes, hockey, and Caribou Coffee? Then prove it by acing this tricky 20 question Minnesota Quiz!

 Mar 25, 2020
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Hey there! Uff-da! This tough Minnesota quiz will really put your knowledge to the test when it comes to the North Star State, or if you prefer, the Gopher State. If you only know a few things about this amazing state, then sorry to break it to you, but you're in the wrong quiz. You need to know ALL the lingo, slang, mannerisms, and local dialect to even begin to pass this quiz. Minnesotans have a very specific way of talking, speaking and acting. In fact, most states DO have their own specific and unique traditions and customs. That's why it's so fun to move away from a state and see how it compares to your home state. Just as you would be confused if you up and moved to the South, Southerners would be bewildered by Minnesota customs. Not to mention the Minnesota winters.

And you've probably toughed it out through a number of long, freezing Minnesota winters, just to turn around and make it through some hot and humid summers. Which includes surviving despite MN's "biggest" pest, AKA mosquitos, while also avoiding wrecking your car because of the huge potholes on the roads. This sound familiar? You're not alone: ALL Minnesotans can empathize with these struggles! Combine that with some knowledge of trivia on "duck, duck, grey duck," pronouncing "bag" like "beg" and knowing that a casserole is actually a hotdish, and you're set to ace this quiz! So go ahead: give yourself a break from your hectic day and enjoy taking this 18 question, two minute quiz. You're sure to enjoy it!