No, It’s Not Mumbo Jumbo - It’s Texas Speak! How Many Words Do YOU Know?

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Think y'all really know Texas? Bless your hearts!

This quiz tests your knowledge on everything about Texas and determines if you truly belong in this beautiful state.

 Oct 02, 2018
1 of 21Complete the sentence!
"Whoa, calm down, there's no need to worry. This ain't my first ________."
2 of 21Choose your answer!
If you get asked to leave a party because you’re “raising cane,” what are you doing?
Subtly hinting that you want to leave
Being obnoxious
Looking noticeably tired
3 of 21Choose your answer!
Who’s Big Tex?
The iconic mascot of the State Fair
The Dallas Cowboys’ mascot
The Texans’ mascot
4 of 21Complete the phrase!
I’m _______ to go to the store later for some groceries.
5 of 21Choose your answer!
You’ve definitely made a stop at which huge Texas gas station chain at least once?
Kum & Go
Super Save
6 of 21Choose your answer!
How do you refer to a big group of people?
Youse guys
7 of 21Choose your answer!
What's the name of that popular ice cream made out of Brenham, Texas?
Black Belt Ice Cream
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Blue Bell Ice Cream
8 of 21Choose your answer!
Don't y'all worry, in Texas, you can guarantee that your tea will always be:
9 of 21Complete the sentence!
"Cindy really doesn't seem to have much luck with the boys, oh ______________."
Bless her mama!
Bless me!
Bless her heart!
10 of 21Choose your answer!
What flower is associated with homecoming and has a big tradition behind it?
11 of 21Complete the sentence!
"Y'all come _____ now!"
12 of 21Choose your answer!
French fries are good, but what other fried vegetable is a southern staple?
13 of 21Choose your answer!
Texans drive miles each spring to get a view of which flower?
14 of 21Choose your answer!
If someone’s having a conniption fit, you’d say they’re:
Really sad and crying everywhere
Really sick and feeling faint
Really upset and creating a scene
15 of 21Choose your answer!
If one family member roots for the Texans and the other for the Cowboys, you'd say they live:
In hell
In perfect unity
In a house divided
16 of 21Complete the sentence!
"Can we stop at ________ on the way home? I'm craving some tacos."
The Taqueria
The Bodega
The Bakery
17 of 21Choose your answer!
If someone’s high cotton, what are they really?
Completely snooty
Wading in knee high cotton
They’re successful or doing well
18 of 21Complete the sentence!
“All my _____ live in Texas”
19 of 21Choose your answer!
Which of the following is often paired with country fried Texas steak?
20 of 21Choose your answer!
What is the state dish of Texas?
Hot dogs
21 of 21Complete the sentence!
“Sit on the porch right now? But it’s hotter than _______.”
My grandma’s stove
All git out
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