Tennessee Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Think you can pass this quiz? Bless your heart!

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 Sep 14, 2018
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Question: 1/20Fill in the blank

I’m _______ to go to the store later for some groceries.

Question: 2/20Choose your answer!

In Tennessee, you can guarantee that your tea will always be:

Question: 3/20Choose your answer!

How would you address a big group of people?
All y’alls guys
Youse guys

Question: 4/20Choose your answer!

Why is Tennessee referred to as "The Volunteer State"?
Because it volunteered the most soldiers for the battle of New Orleans
Because it volunteered as tribute in the Hunger Games
Because it has the most soup kitchens of all the States

Question: 5/20Choose your answer!

How many stars are there on the state flag?

Question: 6/20Choose your answer!

What’s the Goo Goo Cluster?
When there are multiple daycares on one street
A popular toy doll that speaks
A candy with marshmallow, caramel and peanuts

Question: 7/20Choose your answer!

What phrase do you sometimes use to express sympathy, concern, or maybe even an insult?
Oh, bless me!
Bless your soul!
Bless your heart!

Question: 8/20Choose your answer!

What does "meat and three" refer to?
Grabbing dinner with a few friends
Bargains on meat at the grocery store
A popular combo with a protein and three sides

Question: 9/20Choose your answer!

At which fast food joint can you get delicious mini cheeseburgers with onions?

Question: 10/20Choose your answer!

What mountain range runs through Tennessee?
Smoky Mountains
Sierra Nevada
Rocky Mountains

Question: 11/20Choose your answer!

What kind of chicken is Tennessee known to make so well?
Grilled chicken
Chicken Katsu
Hot chicken

Question: 12/20Choose your answer!

Sometimes, a traffic slow down is completely due to a ______ on the road.
Golf cart

Question: 13/20Choose your answer!

Ironically, Jack Daniels is distilled in Moore County, which is a _____ county.

Question: 14/20Choose your answer!

The first Friday of which month marks the start of tax free weekend?

Question: 15/20Choose your answer!

Some people say The Blair Witch Project was based off of which Tennessee ghost legend?
The Bell Witch
The Well Witch
The White Witch

Question: 16/20Choose your answer!

If you're "walking in Memphis" what famous mansion might you be visiting?
Michael Jackson’s childhood home
Elvis’s Graceland
Liberace’s Mansion

Question: 17/20Choose your answer!

Meanwhile, you’ve maybe been to Smoky Mountain Christmas at:
Dolly Parton’s Dollywood
Liberace’s Mansion
The Nashville Parthenon

Question: 18/20Choose your answer!

What delicious ingredients make up a Moon Pie?
Peanut Butter, Marshmallow Fluff, and Moonstones
Cherries, Raspberries, and Cool Whip
Graham Cracker, Chocolate, and Marshmallow

Question: 19/20Choose your answer!

Tennessee is called "The Capital of __________ Music".

Question: 20/20Choose your answer!

Which city is famous for amazing barbecue?
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