South Carolina Lingo - It's A Thing! How Much Do YOU Know?

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"Wedding Crashers" via New Line Cinema

Sandlappers only!!

Ace this 20 question South Carolina quiz to prove you're a real local who knows the state's trivia, favorite foods, and lingo! Think you're up to it?

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South Carolina! What a great state! If you're here on this South Carolina quiz, odds are you agree and have some strong feelings about the state! And if you don't have any South Carolina ties, well then, hate to break it to you, but you just might be in the wrong place. And by just might, we mean definitely, as this is a whole eighteen question quiz completely created for and tailored to South Carolina experiences! Such as slang, lingo, pronunciation, tourist attractions, famous and most popular food, and sports teams, professional or college. You don't stand a chance of even passing this quiz, let alone acing if it you aren't completely versed in all things South Carolina! So, best of luck to you, and enjoy this tricky, but fun two minute trivia quiz.

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