South Carolina Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

Think you can pass this quiz? Bless your heart!

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 Sep 07, 2018
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Question: 1/22Choose your answer!

Which tree is featured on the South Carolina flag?
Palmetto Tree
Weeping Willow
Birch Tree

Question: 2/22Choose your answer!

Being in the south you've of course had:
Boiled yellow peppers
Fried green tomatoes
Charred pink apples

Question: 3/22Choose your answer!

What does a red dot on the outside of a store signify?
That they are open 24 hours.
That liquor is sold there.
That they are only open for lunch.

Question: 4/22Choose your answer!

Don’t y’all worry, in South Carolina, you can guarantee that your tea will always be:

Question: 5/22Choose your answer!

If you hear "Go Cocks!" you think:
Of summertime baseball
Of college football and fun times
"Gee, that's rude"

Question: 6/22Choose your answer!

Which of these animals can you find in SC?

Question: 7/22Choose your answer!

These may just resemble weeds, but you know these are actually protected by law:
Sea Whistles
Sea Grains
Sea Oats

Question: 8/22Choose your answer!

Which of these well-known schools is located in South Carolina in a town by the same name?

Question: 9/22Choose your answer!

What's the Clemson Mascot
A tiger!
A shark!
An alligator!

Question: 10/22Choose your answer!

Hot Sauces usually start out with a ketchup or vinegar base, but in South Carolina they use a _________ base.
Black Pepper

Question: 11/22Choose your answer!

Obviously, you'd address a big group with:
Youse guys
Hey you!

Question: 12/22Choose your answer!

In South Carolina, if you're at a party and someone asks to "shag” they mean:
To help them put in shag carpeting
To hang out with them
To dance

Question: 13/22Choose your answer!

“Sit on the porch right now? But it’s hotter than _______.”
All git out
My grandma’s stove

Question: 14/22Choose your answer!

The vegetation that hangs from trees in South Carolina is called ______________.
Spanish Moss
French Grass
European Silk

Question: 15/22Choose your answer!

Which of these occurred in South Carolina?
The signing of the Declaration of Independence.
The first shots of the Civil War.
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

Question: 16/22Choose your answer!

What's the most famous beach in the state?
Myrtle Beach
Mimsy Beach
Barbara Beach

Question: 17/22Choose your answer!

You weren’t raised in a barn, of course you say:
Auntie or Uncle
Cher or sha
Sir or ma’am

Question: 18/22Choose your answer!

Which ingredient is a common pairing with grits?

Question: 19/22Choose your answer!

Which of these grocery stores might you pop into for a few things?
Jewel Osco
Piggly Wiggly

Question: 20/22Choose your answer!

What phrase do you sometimes use to express sympathy, concern, or maybe even an insult?
Bless your heart!
Oh, bless me!
Bless your soul!

Question: 21/22Choose your answer!

If your friends are taking their sweet time, they’re moving slower than:

Question: 22/22Choose your answer!

If you’re in complete disbelief, which of these phrases might you say?
Well, toast my bread and call me a sandwich!
Well, steam my water and call me a tea!
Well, butter my biscuit and call me a muffin! | Quiz Facts

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