Rhode Island Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Do you speak your own state's lingo?

Rhode Island lingo is a thing. Test how savy you are with the words and phrases that are only used in Little Rhody!

 Aug 24, 2018
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What do you call those large and delicious hard clams that are often stuffed or found in po’ boys and clam chowder?
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Which of these fluffy cornmeal items is a common breakfast staple in RI?
Shrimp and grits
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What’s “coffee-milk”?
Lingo for coffee mixed with milk
A concoction of milk mixed with coffee syrup
A frozen coffee milkshake
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What might you spot atop one building from the I-95?
The Big Blue Bug
The Giant Green Gazelle
The Small Silver Snake
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If you have to dash out to grab groceries, where might you be headed?
Jewel Osco
Cumberland Farms
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What’s “Mr. Potato Head” mean to a Rhode Island native?
We’re talking about the toy right?
That you’ll see them everywhere due to 2000 art installation
Just that it originated here
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What ingredients go on the iconic “Hot Weiner”?
Meat sauce, mustard and onions
Yellow peppers, a full pickle spear and ketchup
Barbeque sauce and onion rings
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Despite the misleading name, which of these items is a delicious milkshake?
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“Friar Dom.” What’s that mean to you?
Friar Dom’s is a delicious local hot dog joint
A friendly priest who is famous across the state
Providence College’s (slightly terrifying) mascot
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What is “WaterFire”?
A 5 day music festival
A festival, an art installation, and a ceremony
A mixed drink of whiskey and water
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If you're hungry for a meaty sandwich, you order a:
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Which "Jersey Shore" star was originally from Rhode Island?
Pauly D
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What does “extra extra” refer to?
Asking for even more cream and sugar in your coffee
The local Providence newspaper
When you want extra hot sauce on your quahogs
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How long does it take max to get anywhere in the state?
An hour
3 hours
30 minutes
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Steamers. What are those?
Tender mussels
Hard clams that didn’t steam properly
Steamed, soft shell clams
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Which island off of the state is rumored to have it’s own ghost ship?
Prudence Island
Goat Island
Block Island
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What's another term you use for a roundabout?
A rotary
A go-around
A U-ey
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RI just might be known to have the most what per capita?
Doughnut shops
24 hour bars
Weed dispenceries
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