Pennsylvania Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Do you REALLY know PA?

Test out how much you know about your home state of PA by acing this quiz on local slang, popular dishes, and tourist attractions! You up to it?

 Jul 09, 2020

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How do you refer to "sunny side up" eggs?
Trippy eggs
Dippy eggs
Yummy eggs

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Pennsylvania has the highest concentration of _____ in the U.S.

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The first day of _____ is considered an unofficial holiday and some schools even let out for the day.
Christmas season
Antlered deer-hunting season

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What pie has long traditions from the Pennsylvania Dutch?
Shoofly pie
Apple pie
Key Lime pie

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If your friend asks to get hoagies for lunch, you know you'll be having:

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Saying "Pennsylvania" all the time is such a mouthful! Locals often refer to the state just as:

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Which of these is not a real city name in Pennsylvania?
Blue Ball
Sexy Times

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What kind of table are you likely to see at a wedding around here?
A strawberry table
A mahogany table
A cookie table

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And you've attended at least a few weddings or receptions in a:
Fire Hall
Coffee Shop

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How would you refer to a group of people?
Youse guys
Y’inz guys

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Which food is Philly known to make better than anyone else?
Tater tots

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As kids, everyone was about playing in the ______.

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You're having a delicious dish of scrapple. What's that?
Did you mean a glass of Scrapple?
It’s leftover pork with cornmeal
It’s like a dessert cobbler

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There are a lot of Amish in PA, so it's not uncommon to have to pass a ______ in the road every now and then.
Horse-drawn buggy

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Which of these PA theme parks have you definitely visited during the summer?
Six Flags
Worlds of Fun
Hershey Park

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Krimpets, Kandy Kakes, and Honey Buns are snack cakes made by what snack company?

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Which East Coast chain is a local favorite?

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A real Pennsylvanian would pronounce "Yuengling" as:
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