Quiz: Only An Oregon Local Can Get 100% On This Test. Can You?

PNW natives only, please.

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 Aug 19, 2018
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What berry hybrid is popular across the PNW?
Bumble Berries

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What famous shoe company started in Oregon?

Question: 3/21Choose your answer!

What is "fresh pow"?
Slang for a fist fight
Slang for newly-fallen snow
Slang for Cannabis

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What makes the Oregon flag unique?
It's round instead of rectangular
It's two sided
It uses 10 colors

Question: 5/21Choose your answer!

If someone ordered “jojos” at a restaurant, what are they really about to get?
Mac and cheese
Green beans
Potato wedges

Question: 6/21Choose your answer!

Not as famous as Starbucks, what coffee company started in Portland?
Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Ruby Coffee Roasters
A Hill of Beans

Question: 7/21Choose your answer!

You’re never going to stop bragging about how you don’t have to pay:
Property Tax
Income Tax
Sales Tax

Question: 8/21Choose your answer!

To swim in the “salt chuck”, is to swim where?
The local pool
The ocean
The lake

Question: 9/21Choose your answer!

What 1985 classic was filmed in beautiful Astoria, OR?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Goonies
Home Alone

Question: 10/21Choose your answer!

What kind of seafood is the Oregon Coast most known for?

Question: 11/21Choose your answer!

What is Le Pigeon?
A dish made with pigeons
A restaurant in Portland
A music festival

Question: 12/21Choose your answer!

What kind of donuts are iconic in Oregon?
Deep fried donuts
Voodoo donuts
Jelly donuts

Question: 13/21Choose your answer!

What is “Freddies?”
A restaurant
A clothing store
A superstore

Question: 14/21Choose your answer!

In Eastern Oregon, you’ll find a tree called the Ponderosa _______.

Question: 15/21Choose your answer!

What animal can you find on the state flag?
A beaver
An eagle
A bear

Question: 16/21Choose your answer!

Which of these locations houses a famous cheese factory?
Cannon Beach

Question: 17/21Choose your answer!

If you’re not in the mood for Starbucks, which PNW coffee chain can you stop at?
Caribou Coffee
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Dutch Bros.

Question: 18/21Choose your answer!

What style of hat are you most likely to see someone wearing?
A beanie
A cowboy hat
A top hat

Question: 19/21Choose your answer!

What is the real name of the famous rock at Cannon Beach?
Haystack Rock
Giant Rock
Goonies Rock

Question: 20/21Choose your answer!

What city is the University of Oregon located in?

Question: 21/21Choose your answer!

What is Oregon’s state nickname?
The Bear State
The Rainy State
The Beaver State
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